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Each moment is an opportunity to be kind to yourself and your body


We at Bollyyogas teach & inform you with various types of yogas to  increase your interest of yoga and many other facilities to maintain a good health. In today’s time majority of the people are going through work from home routine. In this, because of people sitting at one place & working continuously for 9-10 hours, they face a lot of problems like backache, headache, boredom, tiredness etc. To overcome this, Yoga is the best remedy. Doing yoga helps us to impart positivity & energy in us. It is necessary for everyone to do Yoga. Whether it only be meditation, but everyone must do Yoga daily to remain fit & fine. 

Bollyyogas is all about connection and community. In this dance yoga form, we create a safe and healing space where participants can tune in and let go of what is no longer needed. This helps participants to live a healthy & peaceful life and also it helps them to maintain their health.

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